Management LIGHT is all about project management -- taking your projects and putting them on a course to completion. In order to complete your project, we will have to solidify a strategy. Management Light will offer a magnifying glass to hyper zoom into the heart of the problem, your entrepreneur’s project block, if you will. We will get our hands dirty, brain dump and regroup. Let’s pen thoughts to paper and plan a course of action.  Let's manage your project from where you are (now) to completion (where you want to be). Does this sound like you? Let's do it!


Management LIGHT is for the savvy entrepreneur who wants to solidify and pan out the details of a project. You have a start and end date for your project. But you have a lot of moving parts and you’re trying to figure how to piece them together. I know, it can be overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you’ve started and you don’t know how to finish. Maybe you know how to finish, but you have too much on your plate to do so. You want to get back to doing what you love - running your business and not having your business run you. Let's divide and conquer!




An in-depth 60-minute kick-off call that dives deep into your questions that need answers. We will get down to the nitty gritty to find clarity on your project — the scope, the details, the concerns, the timeline and how I can help you with every detail up to completion. 

  • 60-minute "Let's Get Started Kick-Off Consultation"
  • Project Management - creation of a project plan, including timeline and process 
  • Weekly Management Status - project analysis, monitoring and status updates
  • Weekly Email Support - an opportunity for you for ask questions and express concerns

60-minute consultation + 4-week Project Management Engagement + 1 Weekly Project Status Report + 2 Weekly Support Emails